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  • Chouchou - ALEXANDRITE [2015.04.25] By yukisan

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    It has been 4 and a half years since the release of the previous main album “VINCULUM”. And now, Chouchou finally release their long-awaited 4th full-length album “ALEXANDRITE”.
    Up until now, Chouchou have released a large variety of songs, but to make this album “ALEXANDRITE”, they got back to the starting point and focused on redefining “Pop music of Chouchou”. And at the same time, they also release its remix album “ALEXANDRITE -Cold Rouge-”. In this remix album, they went in the opposite direction of pop music and took the highly original avant-garde approach to expose the sensuality of ALEXANDRITE. These two albums were made based on the concept of a unique and beautiful color change of the gemstone alexandrite that change from greenish to reddish depending on the color temperature of a light source, and together they complete the world of ALEXANDRITE as the contrary but inseparable and closely connected pair like “light and shadow” and “day and night” while using the same materials. You can fully enjoy the origin and evolution of Chouchou through these two albums. All the songs which have already been released as a single or EP in the past were beautifully remastered and freshly reborn for the album, and you will hear the distinct differences in the sound expansion and the depth of space with richer sound images. ALEXANDRITE also has the aspect of visual arts. All the design works like cover art, artwork, package and booklet designs were done by juliet Heberle, the singer of Chouchou. She was particular about the details of the designs of ALEXANDRITE.
  • single [2015.04.29][Single] Relax In The City & Pick Me Up - Perfume By gakutenshi

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    01. Relax In The City
    02. Pick Me Up
    03.  透明人間
    04. Relax In The City -Original Instrumental-
    05. Pick Me Up -Original Instrumental-
    06. 透明人間 -Original Instrumental-