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Featured Downloads

  • Hiroyuki Sawano - XenobladeX Original Soundtrack [2015.05.20][320kbps] By SkyFallXIII

    XenobladeX (known as Xenoblade Chronicles X outside of Japan) Original Soundtrack, composed by Hiroyuki Sawano (Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan, Kill La Kill, Aldnoah.Zero composer)
    [Disc 1]
    1. Codename Z
    2. Theme X
    3. No.EX 01
    4. Requiem
    5. Kakusei Houkai
    6. LP
    7. Growth F.S.K.O
    8. Michi Kyodai
    9. Mono X
    10. CR17S19S8
    11. Re:Arr X
    12. Your Voice (feat. Mika Kobayashi) 
    13. Wir fliegen (feat. Cyua)
    14. So nah, so fern (feat. Mika Kobayashi)
    15. Shinpiteki
    [Disc 2]
    1. Black tar (feat. mpi & David Whitaker)
    2. Z5 Mira
    3. Z10 Briefing
    4. Uncontrollable (feat. Mika Kobayashi & mpi)
    5. Z15 Field
    6. Z39 B Comical
    7. By my side (feat. Aimee Blackschleger)
    8. Z ? Field
    9. Z37 Battle
    10. Z30 Free Battle
    11. Z12 Event
    12. Z29 Battle
    13. Z16B Growth
    14. Z13 Event
    15. Z7B LP Arrange
    16. In the forest (feat. mpi)
    17. Z23 Sama-ru
    18. The way (feat. Sayulee)
    [Disc 3]
    1. The key we've lost (feat. Mika Kobayashi)
    2. NLA Shuuhen
    3. Yakou Mori
    4. NLA Shigai
    5. Boukyaku Keikoku
    6. Melancholia (feat. Aimee Blackschleger & David Whitaker)
    7. Field Kaijou
    8. Ares Boss
    9. Manon
    10. In the forest <X→Z ver.>
    11. Shiro no Tairiku
    12. Kuro no Tairiku
    14. Don't worry (feat. Aimee Blackschleger)
    [Disc 4]
    1. PianoX1
    2. PianoX2
    3. PianoX3
    4. X-BT1
    5. X-BT2
    6. X-BT3
    7. X-BT4
    8. In the forest (no vocal effects ver.)
  • UNISON SQUARE GARDEN - Sugar Song and Bitter Step (Single) (2015.05.20) [320kbps] By epicSHIN

    Kekkai Sensen Ending Theme
    01. シュガーソングとビターステップ
    02. シグナルABC
    03. 東京シナリオ
  • NICO Touches the Walls - Massugu na Uta (Single) (2015.06.24) [320kbps] By epicSHIN

    1 まっすぐなうた
    2 いいこになっちゃいけないの
    3 夢で逢えたら
  • UNKNOWN - StereoWorld [2015.05.21] By SoundBEAM

    • 0 reviews
    • 357
    • 2
    Artist: UNKNOWN
    1st album "StereoWorld"
    Produced by SoundBEAM, independent production team focusing on Japanese pop music