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    1. Japanese world

      Any gossip, release dates, news, or anything related to Japan goes here.

    2. Chinese world

      Any gossip, release dates, news, or anything related to China goes here.

    3. Korean world

      Any gossip, release dates, news, or anything related to Korea goes here.

    4. Asian lounge

      Chat about anything that’s related to Asia.

    1. Introduction

      Before you explore the forum, please introduce yourself here

    2. Off topic

      Discuss anything that isn’t related to Otonomai

    3. Study Room

      Help members with their homework or take am extra step and teach them something.

    4. Games

      Games are awesome entertainers. Discuss all games here.

    5. Lifestyle

      Have you ever wondered about lifestyle? or you just need some chat about it, then is the right section to start off

    6. Art Showoff

      Showoff your newest piece of art. Digital, painting, sculpture, anything!

    7. Technology

      Discuss anything about technology

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    • Banned artists | No sharing


      Under NO circumstances are you allowed to transmit/distribute any files related to the artists on this list below.   Failure to comply will result a WARNING. If the member continues to break this rule we may revoke your ability to upload any files at all   Ayumi Hamasaki Koda Kumi antennasia (this goes to any artists licensed under mori records label company) dabo pony canyon (all artists licensed under the label company)
    • Website Rules (READ THIS)


      Last Update : Febuary 13 2009   General Forum Rules   - NO SPAMMING PERIOD! This is to make it clear for everyone. We have a spam forum if you wish to do that. Spamming is a pet peeve and will be dealt with infractions and bans, depending on the severity of the spam.   - Any form of abuse, racial comments, foul language, explicit sexual content, advertising* and spam will not be tolerated on this site.     NO USERCASH OR ANY OTHER WEBSITE THAT YOU CAN GAIN MONEY FROM BY CLICKING ON IT A LINK. IF SO THEN THEN WE WILL BAN YOU.    - English language ONLY, other foreign languages are prohibited   You may use lingo like lol or lmao etc but please, don't spell words like rock as rawk, just spell it correctly so everyone can understand.  - Be respectful of other members. You may disagree with someone, but do not make offensive replies. Do not be rude to other members. This isn't preschool but we only tolerate so much.   - In threads, if they are talking about a certain game, artist, movie or any media relating (if the thread description is like. I really do like it, who ever like it post here and lets talk about it). Please do not make any nasty post saying that certain thing is rubbish, the people who look at the thread. We know you may dislike it but keep it to yourself. You could make those kind of comment ONLY if the thread content has (whats your thought...etc)   - Always go to the main site first (http://www.otonomai.net) to check for site updates and music updates that aren't posted in this forum.   - We advise members to post in English but other languages are acceptable as long as the above rules are abide by and a brief translation if possible is much appreciated.   - When posting, please do not repeat anything that you said earlier on that thread or your post will be deleted and make yourself gain a infraction for just spamming. We know you want to have more post than everyone else but its fair to talk about it then spamming (example, she look good. one day later, she looks hawt!) both of those sentence are the same. We do not want to see this in any thread.   - When requiring help, please ask in the shout box and/or search for answers before making a new thread for your query.   - The 'Search' feature is located on the top menu bar, in between 'profile' & 'faq', please use this feature first before asking on the shout box and/or making a new thread.   - For the 'Humor' section, ONLY POST comments for discussion, we know the threads are funny.   - Please make your posts relate to the thread topic. Off topic posts will be deleted and members found to have made multiple off topic replies will be warned and subsequently banned if their actions persist. Additionally, don't make your post short like saying something like "sure", moderator/admin will delete those kind of posts.   - No warez, don't go posting them.   - Don't post anything stupid or something unrelated to the thread. If we see such post, your post will be deleted and you'll be awarded with an infraction   - Politic discussion is allowed however you are not allowed to bring forth the party's/countries propaganda. When discussing politics, please be mindful and respectful of others' opinion, people may not agree with what you say, but name calling and insults to any individual or group will result in infraction. Other rules apply when discussing politics.   - Do Not request media files in the SHOUTBOX. Use the search feature and/or make a thread in the relative request section.   - Don't argue in the shoutbox, move it to a instant messenger or pm.   Members Place Section:   - This Section is strictly for release of media links/info and any reports of bad/dead links. If there are any bad/dead links, please PM the member who provided those links, and tell them to update the thread with the new links.   - Please make comments, thoughts, and other details regarding any release media in the relative Music World Section(http://www.nigihana.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=11).   - DO NOT discuss the artist or their music in the discography section or in any other music threads in the Members Place Section (or you will have DeadlyNightshade hounding your arse), go to the relevant forums (Music World or Asia World).   - Should you wish to ask a member who created a thread if they have any more music by that artist/band, please PM them directly and get them to update the thread with the new links (or DeadlyNightshade will continue hounding your arse).   - Leechers are advised to Thank releases via the 'Thanks' button (Button is found on the right side under the 'Edit' post feature - or DeadlyNightshade will do more than hound your arse if you just post "Thanks" etc).   - Members failing to abide by the above rules will be cautioned with an infraction on first offense. Subsequent offenses will be dealt with lengthy bans.   - Uploaders: There are some bands who have albums/singles etc in different languages i.e. Japanese or Korean, please make the thread in the correct Playground according to the language. (Members, your responsibility to check the Playgrounds for any music of the artist).   - If your uploads are password protected, please make sure you include the password in your post. Members failing to provide passwords to their media files will be BANNED!   Breaking the rule result Infraction and/or Ban   - Members failing to abide by the above rules will be cautioned with an infraction on first offense or other punishment, depending on the offense. Subsequent offenses will be dealt with lengthy bans.   -The maximum infractions you can receive is 3.   -If you receive 3 infractions you will be banned for one month!   -If you were already banned and you receive another 3 infractions, we may ban your ip depending on the rule you broke.   ~with the admin's permission~ -No multiple posting.the admins made sure that every member can edit his posts.try to keep things as clean and ordered as possible.   *Advertisements includes links which intended to promote their own or someones personal sites & subscription based sites.   **Changes and additions to rules are subject to change without notice, please read this thread periodically.   ***Do note that if admin somehow break the rules, we may be able to bypass it. Moderator and any staff of Nigihana may vary. Depending on their action.   ****Most of the rule do count in the shout box as well   Thank you for your cooperation.   Otonomai Team
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